Discover How Thousands Of Shy Guys Are Unleashing Their Inner Sex Addict "The Easy Way" By Copy & Pasting The World's Most Powerful Under-The-Radar Attraction Triggers Right Onto Their Online Dating Profiles

Not Only Do I Literally Hand You The Scripts Shy Guys Need To Get Laid....

But I Also Teach You How To Become A "Self-Marketing Genius" That Will Allow You To Leapfrog The Mountains Of Other Boring, No-Game Simp Warriors In Her DM's And Claim Your Throne At The Top Of Her Mind!
Mark Whitman
Online Dating Mastery Graduate
"I was only able to meet "meh" girls on dating apps before the program. All the hot ones would either fizzle out or flake on me. But once I understood what a woman's attraction triggers were... It became so clear...

I went on TWO dates later that first week (with hotter girls than I had ever been with). I was nervous as F***!"
Here's A Sneak peak Of Just Some Of The Life-Changing Content Included Inside Of This Step-By-Step Program Designed Specifically To Teach You How To 
Slay On Dating Apps
"I had never dated more than two girls at once before this program. Two weeks in I woke up at a girl's house from hooking up and then immediately drove to breakfast for another date with a different girl"
Jason Harper
"I'm an engineer, so I liked Grant's "if this, then that" type format. His attraction trigger method helped me get my current girlfriend. Thanks Grant."
Randy Thompson
"Duuuuude this was program changed my life. Thank you!! I just went on 5 dates in 4 days. If you're on the fence, DO IT! You'll be so glad you did!"
Alex Castaneda
A Quick Note From Grant Himself
Hey Bro. See the girls above? That's just 1 month from dating apps. I went wild, lol.

These results are COMPLETELY possible for you too - *if* you apply the principles I teach methodically. And I want to show you exactly how to do it.
QUESTION: "But why, Grant? Why do you want to teach me how to become a dating app master slayer?"

Oh, that's a GREAT question :)

ANSWER: I want to teach you how to become a dating app master slayer because nobody was teaching this information in an easy-to-digest, step-by-step style like I needed when I first started. I had to learn the HARD WAY. 

This means that I went through the absolute mud to make this program. Dealing with constant stomach-churning rejections, painfully awkward wrong-doings, stupid and avoidable mess-ups, harshly confusing ghosts, surprisingly random dead conversations, and so much more.

And because I went through all of that the hard way, I wanted to create something that would put your learning curve on hyper-speed & save you all the pain that I went through. Or at least limit it to as much of a minimum as possible.

I just wanted to create a program that was the exact program I needed when I first got started. 

Because back then, it didn't exist. And I suffered because of it.

So to save YOU a little time and pain, I wanted to give you an easy-to-implement online dating blueprint for a completely reasonable price. And i'm proud to say, I've done just that.

So grab the program below and try it out. Then leave me a review once you get some killer results.

And if for any reason you don't like it, I'll give you your money back.

Hope to see you in there.

- Grant

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   The Entire "Too Much Pussy From Dating Apps" Video Course.  
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     Bonus: The Rotto Regulator                          
      Bonus: The "Perfect" First Date Formula    

      Bonus: The Sexual Ascension Handbook        
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Total Value: $585.95

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