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Mark Whitman
Online Dating Mastery Graduate
"I was only able to meet "meh" girls on dating apps before the program. All the hot ones would either fizzle out or flake on me. But once I understood what a woman's attraction triggers were... It became so clear...

I went on TWO dates later that first week (with hotter girls than I had ever been with). I was nervous as F***!"
Dating Apps Have Completely Leveled The Playing Field For Shy Guys *IF* They Know How To Use The World's Most Powerful Attraction Triggers To Their Advantage

"Say Goodbye To Alpha-Posturing, Chest-Puffing, & Yelling Over 100 Other Dudes In A Dirty Club.... With Dating Apps, None Of That Matters Anymore." 

Hey Bro,

Do you think you're having shitty luck on dating apps because you think you're too shy? Too short? Not good looking enough? No nice car? Foreign / minority race? No full head of hair? Bad skin? Or maybe just a tiny pp that no girl could ever love?

The good news is...

Literally none of your excuses matter anymore when it comes to getting laid these days. 

Why, you ask?

Because dating apps have completely leveled the playing field for shy guys.

Nowadays, all you have to do is set up your dating profile (and send messages) in a certain, specific way that hit a few key "attraction triggers" in a woman's mind - and once you do - she has no choice but to start uncontrollably dripping at the thought of you "cumming" over. No matter how you look, how much money you have, or how shy you are.

In fact, you actually have an advantage on dating apps if you don't look or sound like the perfect "Chad" because girls are so tired and afraid of being pumped and dumped. It's crazy.

So while every other shy guy is being embarrassingly caught, exposed, and then ghosted by her filter mechanisms - the same mechanisms embedded deep within her nervous system to scan her environment for "simps" and make sure she never, ever breeds with one - You'll be flying smooth. Completely under-the-radar...

Hit Her Attraction Triggers + Avoid Her Negative Filter Mechanisms = Get Laid. It Really Is That Simple.
One of the best kept secrets by guys that date a LOT of women is their understanding of a woman's subconscious "attraction triggers" and "filter mechanisms" that every women uses to determine who to sleep with.

You see, it all comes down to survival. When a woman sleeps with a guy, she first has to go through a predictable, 3-step process to make sure she's not sleeping with a low status dude that will pass on weak genetics (aka a simp) and give her offspring a poor chance of survival.

So... who does she sleep with?

Well, for me to break it down for you as simple as possible, the safest guy a woman can bang is a guy that has higher social status than her. 


Because the higher a guy's social status, the "safer bet" he usually is, genetically speaking. The logic there is that because he was able to climb the social hierarchy, his children will probably be able to as well. It's a very simple guess.

And this is exactly why women bang strong-willed douchebags and avoid simpy nice guys that want to give them the world. Because the douchebag - by simply being a douchebag - is nonverbally telling the girl "I'm better than you" while the simpy nice guy trying to give her gifts and not rock her boat is nonverbally telling her "you're better than me".

And girls only date guys above them in the status heirarchy.

How Even The Most Goofy, Average-Looking Shy Guy Can Absolutely Slay On Dating Apps If He "Triggers" A Woman's Attraction Mechanisms
Here's one of the best kept secrets when it comes to attracting women:

They use filter mechanisms and attraction triggers to decide which guy to sleep with.

Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Here's a good metaphor for one of the most powerful filter mechanisms woman have, called preselection:

In the wild, there's a certain type of fish called a guppy. And guppies have very simple brains - so they're not good at complex decisions.

When a female guppy is looking for a male to mate with, she keeps it super simple: the guy who's most brightly colored gets to sleep with her.

But here's where it gets crazy:

When there are two male guppies of similar color, the female guppy will then look for context clues to help her decide on who to mate with. She will begin to search around to see if either male hits any of her attraction triggers, like preselection.

The preselection attraction trigger is basically "if this guy already has a girl, then he must be desirable".

So if one of the male guppies already has a female guppy with them, the female guppy who is trying to decide who to mate with will automatically go for the guy that's already been preselected by another female. So he gets both.

But here's where it gets even crazier:

Even if one male guppy is WAY less bright than another male guppy - usually a recipe for never getting laid in the guppy world - if that same non-bright guppy already has a female guppy with him, the new female guppies will actually CHOOSE THE NON-BRIGHT GUPPY OVER THE BRIGHT GUPPY!

That's the equivalent of a model choosing to sleep with a quiet shy guy over a chest-puffing gym bro all because the shy guy already has a girl! Completely ignoring every other sign!

So, I know what you're thinking...

"Okay Grant, I Understand What Attraction Triggers Are Now. 
But... What Do I Do If I Don't Already Have A Girl?"

The good news is, you definitely do not already need a girl to hit her attraction triggers and get her to sleep with you.

In fact, it's going to help you way more if you're starting from nothing. 


Because instead of relying on just one attraction trigger - preselection - will learn the skills, techniques and tactics that will allow you to attract high-quality women for the rest of your life.

Believe it or not, preselection is only just 1 of 6 powerful attraction triggers you can subconsciously activate in a girl's mind to put the odds of her sleeping with you in your favor. And it's not even the most powerful one.

Simply sprinkle the other 5 attraction triggers into your dating profile and the messages you send to the girl as you're going along, and she'll have no choice but to become almost magentically attracted to you.

Because the truth is, she actually doesn't have a choice. The attraction triggers are hardwired into her brain. So you hit them, she feels attraction towards you. 

It really is that simple.


Here's A Sneak peak Of Just Some Of The Life-Changing Content Included Inside Of This Step-By-Step Program Designed Specifically To Teach You How To 
Slay On Dating Apps
You're Also Getting...

✅ A Completely Step-By-Step process of how to go from absolute zero to pulling hotter women than you've ever talked to from dating apps with ease (even if you've never met up with a girl from a dating app before).

✅Proven word-for-word scripts (including openers and pre-made jokes) that you can use to get almost any girl comfortable enough with you to meet up with you in person.

✅ The "Man 10 checklist" that shows you exactly what you need to master to hit your "attractiveness maximum" and instantly jump level of attractiveness 2-3 points almost overnight. (This means that if you would currently rate yourself a 6, you will see exactly what you need to do to become an 8 or 9 almost overnight).

✅ Highly secret, subconscious "investment" techniques you can use on the girl (without her knowing) that will get her to invest in the conversation more and more until she has no choice but to meet up with you for sex (these fly completely under-the-radar)

✅ The "dead conversation revival guide" that shows you exactly how to avoid fizzling conversations once and for all while bringing dead ones back to life, better than they were to begin with.

And If You're Courageous Enough To Order Before The Timer Hits 0... 
You Will Also Get These 3 Legendary, Limited-Time Bonuses!

The “Rotto Regulator” - exactly how to maintain your new “rotation of women” and safely date 5-6 girls at a time without them getting mad - or even finding out about each other - as well as how to explosively ignite the “competition mechanism” embedded deep inside every woman’s brain that will have her gnawing claw and teeth for your attention while you lay back and enjoy the show.

The “Perfect Date Formula" - exactly how to plan, set up, and execute your first date with a girl to ensure maximum attraction with her at all moments. I also give you many logistical tips and tricks that i've learned over the years for to maximize your chances of getting laid + a second date.

The “Sexual Ascension Handbook" - exactly how to craft outrageously funny and highly-sexual texts (that will have women dying laughing and telling you they love you) while doing it in a way that makes you completely invincible to ever coming off as weird, uncalibrated, or creepy - even if you currently consider yourself a quiet, lay-low type of introvert.
"I had never dated more than two girls at once before this program. Two weeks in I woke up at a girl's house from hooking up and then immediately drove to breakfast for another date with a different girl"
Jason Harper
"I'm an engineer, so I liked Grant's "if this, then that" type format. His attraction trigger method helped me get my current girlfriend. Thanks Grant."
Randy Thompson
"Duuuuude this was program changed my life. Thank you!! I just went on 5 dates in 4 days. If you're on the fence, DO IT! You'll be so glad you did!"
Alex Castaneda
A Quick Note From Grant Himself
Hey Bro. See the girls above? That's just 3 days from dating apps. WHEN you know how to text.

These results are COMPLETELY possible for you too - *if* you apply the principles I teach methodically. And I want to show you exactly how to do it.
QUESTION: "But why, Grant? Why do you want to teach me how to become a dating app master slayer?"

Oh, that's a GREAT question :)

ANSWER: I want to teach you how to become a dating app master slayer because nobody was teaching this information in an easy-to-digest, step-by-step style like I needed when I first started. I had to learn the HARD WAY. 

This means that I went through the absolute mud to make this program. Dealing with constant stomach-churning rejections, painfully awkward wrong-doings, stupid and avoidable mess-ups, harshly confusing ghosts, surprisingly random dead conversations, and so much more.

And because I went through all of that the hard way, I wanted to create something that would put your learning curve on hyper-speed & save you all the pain that I went through. Or at least limit it to as much of a minimum as possible.

I just wanted to create a program that was the exact program I needed when I first got started. 

Because back then, it didn't exist. And I suffered because of it.

So to save YOU a little time and pain, I wanted to give you an easy-to-implement online dating blueprint for a completely reasonable price. And i'm proud to say, I've done just that.

So grab the program below and try it out. Then leave me a review once you get some killer results.

And if for any reason you don't like it, I'll give you your money back.

Hope to see you in there.

- Grant

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Option 2:
You can take what you've learned in the video above and try to do it yourself. You can spend the months (or even years) learning how to figure out how to "hack" your maximum attractiveness level as a man, learn the correct messaging techniques that get you laid, and set up your profile in a way that gets you massive results. 

But let's be honest, can we? The odds of you actually following through and doing it are very low. And the odds of you doing something incorrectly - like missing a critical step or making a severe error that ends up making it 10x worse for yourself (or possibly even getting banned) - are very high.

Option 3:
You can buy this life-changing product for the price listed below (and I wouldn't call it life-changing unless I 100% believed it was), take the easy path to success, and instantly leapfrog the masses of other men you're competing with by copy-and-pasting the world's most powerful attraction triggers to your own dating profile. Allowing you to quickly go from absolute zero to "more dates than you can handle" with girls who you previously thought were way out of your league.

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